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Wedding photographer Bordeaux, France

Wedding photographer Bordeaux, France


Storyteller, not just a photographer

First of all, thank you for considering choosing me as your wedding photographer in Bordeaux. I am a member of the International Society of Profesionnal Wedding Photographers (ISPWP). As you can se, my style is primarily photojournalistic. I keep portraits natural and full of emotions. My goal is to capture the day in candid and natural photos. I take pride in my work and enjoy touring with people so we can relive the magic of Bordeaux day after day. When you hire me to take your photos you can relax and rejoice in knowing you can LIVE in each moment.

Photography is my passion, not just my profession. I want to share with you my love of this city while also capturing the look upon your face as you see things for the first time in a new light, wearing your wonderful wedding dress and suits.

So you’re on your way to Bordeaux, for what? A special occasion? To explore and have an excuse to practice your French? For wines? Or maybe just for fun and adventure. For whatever reason, you will want to immortalize it with professional portraits or candid shots of you experiencing the sites of Bordeaux. Whether its your first time in France or you’ve been a million times before, I can help guide you on a picture tour of the most wonderful sites in Bordeaux.

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Nicolas Launay Photographe[r]