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Surprise proposal in Paris

Surprise proposal in Paris

I propose you to discover a marriage surprise proposal in Paris. They come from the United States, she thought she was going on a romantic cruise on a yacht for her birthday, but it was to make her request that they boarded the private yacht the Petrus III. Cruise begins with a drink at sunset and then once arrived in front of the Eiffel Tower, claiming a photo session, the groom-to-be gets up and then puts his knees on the ground for the marriage proposal. The time and place are perfect and it’s a YES.

The Petrus III

Petrus III is a gentleman yacht of 21 meters in teak, left from the shipyards in 1953. After sailing on sea and rivers, he began a new adventure in Paris. An ideal point of view for revealing Paris in all its splendour, Petrus III has kept intact through time the remarkable style and charm of the Art Deco era. Perfect place for a surprise proposal.

Navigating through the city of Paris for as long as you like. The custom made cruises will make your stay on board a rare and unforgettable experience. Lunch, dinner or brunch cruises, among friends, family or for couples. Even for business, Petrus III always welcomes you as VIPs.

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